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Research-based Methods to Develop a Brand Voice that Attracts a Crowd

A talk by Abbey Woodcock
Founder, Freelance Coop

Brand "voice" doesn't have to be a woowoo, vague concept. In fact, you can measure it. Abbey shares strategies, methods, and free tools to determine, measure, and outsource your voice -- whether you're a personality-based brand, B2B company, or anything in between.

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"What They Hear When You Write" Book

Voice is one of the most talked about yet most elusive parts of effective writing. Clients often cite it as the number one problem when hiring writers. Uncover: -Why finding your voice is critical to every part of your business -- not just blog posts. -The 3 critical elements that make up voice -- and how they work together in every post you read. -The 9 Primary Types of Voice you see in writing and how to identify and master yours. -One decades-old strategy to shortcut the voice learning curve (that almost nobody online uses). "What They Hear When You Write" uncovers the secrets to the most effective and memorable writers and how you can find and hone your client's unique, unmistakeable voice.

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