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How to Engineer Your Brand Messaging Using Conversion Copy Methods

A talk by Anna Bolton
Founder, Chief Copywriter, Conversion Copy Co

Most clients come to me with the same problem. They want copy - maybe they even realize they need conversion copy - but they don't know how they're different and better than their ideal customer's other options.

They haven't nailed down the core set of messages that defines their brand.

But too much of the "build a brand" advice is completely wrong. Brand gurus will tell you to just brainstorm your brand internally. They follow an inside-out approach to brand messaging.

Conversion copywriters know that's not how persuasive messages are found.

Brands that win hearts and minds are engineered around audience insight. In fact, they're engineered using the same methods we use to write high-converting copy.

That's why I created the Conversion Copy DNA method. It's a process that guides clients from a state of muddled or non-existent brand messaging to a place of confidence with a brand that's dialed into what their customers really want... and what my clients deliver best.

Think of it as the conversion copywriter's approach to brand messaging.

We start with voice-of-customer + competitor messaging audits.

Then, we find the "clearly different and better" sweet spot your brand can own based on a solid conversion theory.

When fully-developed, your Conversion Copy DNA becomes your brand's messaging blueprint. Your copywriting playbook. Your starting place for testing and optimizing.

In this talk, I'll explain the what, why and how of creating your brand's Conversion Copy DNA.

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Your Brand's Conversion Copy DNA - The Essential Elements

Discover the ~15 core messages you need to market like a real brand - but a brand that converts. Learn the essentials of brand messaging optimized to convert, including... - Why you need a brand messaging guide - The mistake most marketers make when it comes to brand messaging - 3 essential steps to creating truly conversion-optimized messaging - Where and how to use high-converting brand messages - Tips on next steps once you’ve drafted your brand messaging Don’t guess at your brand messaging. Engineer it to convert.

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