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Gin Walker

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Gin Walker, Copy Genie

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Hey, I’m Gin Walker, Copy Genie – and I’m obsessed with copy. More precisely, I’m obsessed with the mind-warping persuasion power of copy to create whatever you wish.

Literally – when you wield your copy-magic in true alignment with both your client’s energy and their ideal customer’s desires, you can make EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT happen in the customer-consciousness.

I’ve been altering minds with word-power for a couple of decades now, first as a kids’ science book author and editor, and now as a conversion copywriter. I’ve trained with the best – Joanna Wiebe, Kira Hug, Amy Posner and Ry Schwartz … and I’m ditsy-thrilled to have also worked with the likes of James Wedmore, Tarzan Kay and Bob Heilig.

Oh, I’m also a working stage actor – so I know a thing or two about grabbing attention, compelling storytelling and getting into people’s heads…

I am Gin. Enjoy me responsibly. ;)

PS For a copy of my REACH Formula Checklist for designing super-juicy customer research, please just check out my website at!

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