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A Copywriter Prepares: How To Get Inside Your Ideal Customer's World By Thinking Like An Actor

A talk by Gin Walker
Copywriter To The Stars, Gin Walker, Copy Genie

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About this talk

Hey, I’m the Copy Genie – conversion copywriter for coaches, educators and course creators who are transforming lives.

I’m also an actor – and I’ve realized that the process of getting to know your ideal customer as a copywriter is practically identical to the way an actor digs into her character!

So I’ve built this really cool research framework for my copywriting clients that’s based on acting. It’s called the REACH Framework – and I’d love to share:

~ how it shines a spotlight directly into your customer’s personal world – so you can create a customized script that speaks straight to her soul …

~ why it’s so important to dig between the lines to find your customer’s ‘motivation’ (what she really wants, deep down – AND why she doesn’t have it yet) ...

~ why copy without research has no depth or authenticity – and will have your audience walking out on the show.

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